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Links to every kind of bee info
Ecological Beekeeping
Bad Beekeeping

Bee clubs
To find a mentor or club near you:
American Beekeeping Association
Interactive State by State Directory

Books and magazines
Ross Conrad - Author "Natural Beekeeping" & Bee Native advisor
Spring without Bees - Michael Schacker and PlanBEE
Bee Culture - The Magazine of American Beekeeping
American Beekeeping Journal
Other magazines in the UK

Equipment and supply catalogs
Check out  equipment,  hives and all you need to get started:
Mann Lake Beekeeping Supplies
Better Bee
Brushy Mountain

Bee Research Laboratory
Bee Research Laboratory, USDA, Beltsville

American Indian organizations
American Indian College Fund
Indian Nations Information & News
Resources of all kinds
American Indian Tribal Directory
American Indian Movement 
College of Menominee Nation

American Apitherapy Society - Healing with hive products
Honey Garden Apiaries - Apitherapy products
Beehive Botanicals -   Healthy natural products for purchase

Colony Collapse Disorder
CCD Research
Neonicotinoids / Bayer - YouTube video
Burt’s Bee’s film on CCD

Bee videos on YouTube
Bee videos

Alternatives to chemicals
Beyond Pesticides - This site is full of amazing alternative info
Contact information for the EPA, Pesticide labels, Labs, Lawyers and much more 
Arbico Organics - Organic pest control
Dirt Works - Hot Pepper Wax plant treatments
Alternative Pollinators
Cornell Extension - Invaluable information on most garden and agricultural issues

Courses and training
Pfeiffer Center - Biodynamic agriculture
Master Beekeeper - Master beekeeping course  
Chris Harp

Organic beekeeping courses

Amazing sites of beekeeping experts
Sam Comfort - Bee Keeper Pioneer, Anarchy Apiaries -Bee Native Advisors
Honeybeelives - Chris Harp & Grai St. Clair Rice - Bee Native Advisors
Michael Bush - Bee Native Advisor
Bad Beekeeping – Ron Miksha’s site & blog
Bee Source
Cyber Bee

Online beekeeping community
Bee Source
Ecological Beekeeping - Every kind of bee info here
1000 bee places on the web

Eric Tourneret Photography

Organic agriculture
Alternative Pollinators
ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information
North Eastern Organic Farming Association - Organic Land Care Program
NRDC - The Natural Resources Defense Council
Organic Consumers Associations
Beehive Botanicals - Healthy Natural products for purchase

University studies
Arizona State University - Dr. G.V. Amdam, Dr. J.H. Fewell, Dr. J. Harrison, Dr. R.E. Page, Dr. S.C. Pratt, Dr. B.H. Smith
Bucknell University - Dr. B. Capaldi
Clemson University - Dr. W.M. Hood
Cornell University Bee Lab - Dr. N. Calderone, Dr. T. D. Seeley
East Tennessee State University - Dr. Darrell Moore
Georgia Institute of Technology BioTracking Team
Juniata College - Dr. J. Hosler
Kentucky State University - Dr. T. Webster
Michigan State University - Bee Lab, Dr. G. Ayers, Dr. F.C. Dyer, Dr. Z.Y. Huang
Mississipi State University - Dr. C.H. Collison
North Carolina State University - Apiculture Program, Dr. C.M. Grozinger, Dr. D.R. Tarpy
Ohio State University - S. Coby, Dr. J. Tew
Oklahoma State University - Dr. C.I. Abramson
Penn State University - M. Frazier, Dr. N. Ostiguy
Purdue University - Dr. Greg Hunt
Texas A&M University - Bee Lab, Dr. T. Pankiw
University of California Davis - Dr. Eric Mussen, Dr. C.Y.S. Peng
Universtiy of California Riverside - Africanized Bees, Dr. K. Visscher
University of California San Diego - Dr. J. Nieh
University of Colorado at Boulder - Dr. M.D. Breed
University of Delaware - Dr. Dewey Caron
University of Florida - Dr. J. Ellis, Dr. H.G. Hall
University of Georgia - Bee Program, Dr. K. S. Delaplane
University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) - Bee Lab, Bee Brain EST, Dr. G.E. Robinson, Dr. C.W. Whitfiel
University of Kansas - Dr. D. Smith, Dr. O.R. Taylor
University of Miami - Dr. K.D. Waddington
University of Montana - Bee Lab, Dr. J.J. Bromenshenk
Universtity of Minnesota Twin Cities - Bee Lab, Dr. M.S. Spivak
University of Nebraska - Beekeeping Page, Dr. M. Ellis
University of Nevada Las Vegas - Dr. M.M. Elekonich, Dr. S.P. Roberts
University of North Carolina Charlotte - Dr. S. Schneider
University of North Carolina Greensboro - Dr. O. Rueppell
University of Puerto Rico - Dr. Tugrul Giray
University of Tennessee - Dr. J. Skinner
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University - Beelab, Dr. R. Fell
Wake Forest University - Dr. S. Fahrbach
Washington State University - Bee Molecular Lab, Dr. S.W. Sheppard
USDA Bee Lab - Baton Rouge, LA
USDA Bee Lab - Beltsville, MD, BeeNome
USDA Bee Lab - Carl Hayden, AZ
USDA Bee Lab - Weslaco, TX